Edgardo Gonzalez Calafell having always been a clown, became interested in the stage at the age of 15. He practiced different circus arts at “La Paternal” cultural centre in Buenos Aires and at the Acrobatics School of Granada University.

In the meantime taking different kind of workshops in clownerie, physical theater, street performing and acting with various teachers as Hilary Chaplain, Loco Brusca, Chacovachi, Mauro Wolynski and Rodrigo Aragón.

Settling in Spain he went on to set up the “La Mona y El Boqueron” cultural centre in 2003 alongside several other artists. This was to attract the welcome influence of companions and maestros from France, Spain, Poland, Italy and Argentina. With this collective of scenic artists of different nationalities, styles and disciplines begins a cycle of monthly varietés lasting for five years. Works such as the following arise: Cabaret Subterrano (2006), Tutti a bordo (2006), El Rincón de Maikel Tano (2008), El Caballero rojo (2012) and Esto es cualquiera (2013).

From 2009-2010 Papito worked with CIA Rolabola of Málaga in the show “Plácidos Domingos”.

In 2012 he co-created, with Carlos Benito Gall, the comedy show “Cabaret Marciano”, which was to tour Spain with over 100 shows and led to “Cabaret Marciano 2”. The latter was the second part of what went to become a trilogy.

Since 2007, he has taken to the streets, something which has allowed him to personalize his vision of interacting with and entertaining the public.

The Show

Combining elements of humour, acrobatics and magic.

Papito - A Different Player

Hear the latin rhythms: dance and happiness, constant surprise. Out of a chest comes to two chairs and a variety of objects with which an uncommon relationship is established, with a special objective of warming the hearts of his dear public. Papito (a unique player) with happiness and a characteristic attitude, he presents a fresh and entertaining show appropriate for any public.
Papito (a different player) attempts to find and reveal his true essence, not only as an actor but also as a human being. This is a search for pure energy that transforms everything into laughs, applause and cries of joy.

Artistic details

Show: “A Different Player”
Duration: 40 min.
Original Idea: Edgardo Gonzalez Calafell
Technila Direction: Hilton Bastos Salas, Rodrigo Aragón, Mauro Wolynski, Carlos Benito Gall and Fernando Vilella
Scenography: Edgardo Gonzalez Calafell

Technical Details

Set up time: 10 min.
Take down time: 10 min.
A minimum space of 5m x 5m is necessary for the show.
A height of 5 m free from obstacles is necessary.
A hard floor, smooth and flat with no relief or slope at all is preferred.
Although conceived for the street, it is possible to adapt the show to other spaces.
The organization should provide lighting in case of nighttime shows.
Independent amplifier 50 w.


Festival El Prat solidario, Barcelona - 2018
Comedium Corso, Esztergom, Hungary - 2018
Szolnay festival, Pecs, Hungary - 2018
Baixa Street Festival, Faro, Portugal - 2018
Művészetek Völgye, Kapolcs, Hungary - 2018
Ozora Festival, Ozora, Hungary - 2018
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland - 2018
Fiestas del Pilar, Zaragoza, Spain - 2017
Kazinczy utca Fesztivál, Budapest - 2017
Sarnico Busker Festival, Italy - 2017
Comedium Corso, Esztergom, Hungary - 2017
Festival Internacional de Teatro en las Plazas, la Zubia (Granada ) - 2017
Seven Hills Festival. Rēzekne, Latvia - 2017
Frivolus Festival,koper, Eslovenia - 2017
kiel Artist, Kiel, Germany - 2017
Gentse fest, Belgium - 2017
Festival ulicnih sviraca, Nikšić. Montenegro - 2017
Magyar Juggling convention, Pecs, Hungary - 2017
Kleinkunstfestival Weesen, Suiza - 2017
Népszínház Carnival, Budapest, Hungary - 2016
TAMTAM Street Performance Festival, Ottensheim, Ausria - 2016
Urban Artists Meeting, Trespaderne, Burgos, Spain - 2016 3rd Prize
Altstadtzauber Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria - 2016
Puppets Occupy Street Festival, Craiova, Romania - 2016
International Street Performance Festival, Novara, Italy - 2016
La Fete du peuple jurassien, Delemont, Switzerland - 2016
Street Theater Performances, Ljubljana, Slovenia - 2016

Barhein International Circuit, Barhein - 2015
Pilsen Busker Festival, Czech Republic - 2015
Buskerbus, Wroclaw, Poland – 2015
Murenshalk, Bruck under Mur, Austria - 2015
Ozora Festival, Hungary – 2015
Mojoca Festival, Moio della Civitella, Italy - 2015
Bydgoszcz Buskerfest, Poland – 2015
13. Kleinkunstfestival Comedy&Arts, Pinnemberg, Germany - 2015
Festival Pasa la Gorra, Cieza, Murcia, Spain - 2015 - 1st Prize
Genting Highlands Resort Buskerfest, Malaysia - 2015
Buskerfest, Skopje, Macedonia - 2014
Murenshalk, Bruck under Mur, Austria - 2014
Flaniermeile Stasenkunst Velden, Austria - 2014
Staranzano Busker Festival, Udine, Italy - 2014
International Buskers Festival Genting, Malaysia - 2014   Fira de Tarrega Off, Spain - 2013
Split Busker Festival, Croatia - 2013
Neuchatel Buskers Festival, Switzerland - 2012
Kulturufer, Friedichshafen, Germany – 2012
Festival de teatro de calle de Petrer, Spain – 2012
Festival de teatro de calle de Laguna de Duero, Spain – 2011
Festival de teatro de calle de Aranda de Duero, Spain – 2011
Elx al carrer, Spain – 2011
Trebufestival, Cadiz, Spain – 2011
Festival de artistas de calle de Avila, Spain - 2010
Buskerbus, Wroclaw, Poland – 2010
Festival de Six Pompes, La chaux du Font, Switzerland – 2009
Festiclown, Santiago de Compostela, Spain – 2007


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